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Where does the sand come from and what size is it now? Simon Rizzardo tells us what size product is used on different class highways. Showing the crushing plants that work in our maintenance areas.

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During the Nov 2021 floods in the Merritt area, Salmon Arm Crushing crews stepped up to help fix vital infrastructure for people to get back to normal.  The Patchett road bridge & Coquihalla Hwy repairs were some of the jobs our crews jumped into help out.

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Don’t Pass plow trucks on the right. Sgt Kerry Schmidt of the OPP Highway Patrol and Stewart Westwood, Division Manager for Area 1, urge motorists to wait till plows pull off the road to pass.  Many plows have wings or tow plows deployed.  For everyones safety please wait, its safer behind the team of plows.

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Are you prepared to install chains on your vehicle when needed? Simon Rizzardo does a demo of proper chain install on a commercial truck.  

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Andy Daws shows us the brine storage in Revelstoke BC. Learn about how brine is made.

We look after some of the toughest stretch of highway in BC. 

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Wyssen Avalanche Control Revelstoke BC. 

The control stations are the first of their kind to be implemented in North America. They allow technicians to monitor avalanche conditions remotely on a 24 hour basis. The towers are set up on a 15-degree angle, and hang over common avalanche paths. When they deploy a charge, it drops from a 10-meter-long rope. The charge detonates while suspended above the snow’s surface. Using these new towers again this year will decrease traffic delays during the day. Unlike other kinds of control systems, they are not restricted by weather conditions.

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Emcon Revelstoke BC Winter Awareness

Are you ready for winter? Revelstoke BC crews are working to keep the Trans Canada Highway open in safe avalanche conditions. You can help by being prepared for road closures and have the right winter tires on your vehicle.

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Our AEL division in West Kelowna looks after residential areas and asked to please park off the road during snow events so the plow trucks can get by.

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VP of Operations Dustin Khadikin, reminds motorist to have warm coats, boot, gloves and a toque in your vehicle this winter to stay warm in emergency situations.


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The BC Roadbuilders, Emcon Services, YRB Nicola, AEL Traffic Services and all of the highway maintenance contractors from across BC wanted to do something to recognize #HealthCareHeroes.

Thanks to the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, Reliable Towing, Mario's Towing, Dynamic Asphalt Services, and Lafrentz Road Marking, InfraCon and Auto Tow for joining us in the Amber Lights Tribute in Merritt and Quesnel.

We're doing our part, keeping roads and highways open and safe for those who must travel by providing essential services for you.

We're all in this together.

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The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure introduced new rules for commercial for minimum requirements for Winter Tire, Traction Devices, and Steel Chains.  Watch the following video on how to install Tire Chains. Demo install with Simon Rizzardo.

What You Need to Know About Stricter Chain-Up Rules

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

January 23/2020 avalanche techs and our Revelstoke road crew conducted avalanche control west of Revelstoke near Summit Lake and Victor Lake.  Check out the video.

Part of the Paulson Pass highway slipped down to the creek below in 2017. Our Grand Forks crews, along with sub-contractors worked together to rebuild the base. Adding blast rock to the toe of the slope to strengthen the lifts all the way to paving the lane that was lost.  In this drone video overview you can see the rock hauled from the blast site to the slope failure. 

Hi Rez Click here for YouTube

The B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association recently held its Annual General Meeting in Victoria, B.C., where changes were announced to the "Slow Down, Move Over" regulations to ensure higher safety standards for both workers on the province's roads and the drivers using the province's vehicular infrastructure.

Slow Down Move Over For Yellow Lights. Now includes Tow Trucks and highway maintenance units. Watch for Amber Blue in Ontario and Amber in British Columbia when crews at work.

While the tow plow may look very wide and difficult to handle, it is more responsive than the traditional wing plows; the operator can quickly maneuver around obstacles on the road like signs or parked cars. This is fairly new technology, and you can expect to see them on selected B.C. and Ontario highways this winter. Emcon is the biggest user of Tow Plows in Canada!