Area 18 - North Cariboo Div.


SA 18 encompasses a wide variety of different communities from both a population, geographic, historic, economic and climactic perspective.


At the center of SA18 is the City of Quesnel. The city has a population of approximately 10,000 with the surrounding area having a population near 13,000. Quesnel is home to the highest concentration of wood product manufacturing facilities in the province. While forestry is the leading industry, agriculture, mining, and tourism are also important contributors to Quesnel's economy. Quesnel is located at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers. Temperatures typically range on average between +20 degrees Celsius in the summer and -10 degrees Celsius in the winter, however temperatures can go as high as +30 degrees Celsius and as low as -30 degrees Celsius on occassion. This variation in temperature can provide many road related challenges throughout the year including: flooding during the spring, forest fires in summer and potential compact, slippery sections in the winter.

McLeese Lake

Near the southern boundary of SA 18 is the small community of McLeese Lake. It is located 77 km south of Quesnel. The lake is a popular vacation spot for locals and travelers alike. Not far from McLeese Lake is the Gibraltar Mine. This mine is the second largest open pit copper mine in Canada and the largest mining employer in the Cariboo region.


Located 24 km south of Quesnel along Highway 97 is another small community named Kersley. Kersley is known for its warm micro-climate which is why it is a large agricultural community.


Located 74 km east of Quesnel along Highway 26 is the small town of Wells. Wells is known for mining and tourism as it is the last stop on Highway 26 before the Historic Provincial Heritage Site of Barkerville. 30 km north of Barkerville is the world famous Bowron Lake Provincial Park. This park is made up of a collection of lakes which are extremely popular for canoeing.


Located 100 km west of Quesnel along Highway 59 is the small community of Nazko. Nazko is known for ranching and forestry and has a historic First Nations community.


Near the northern boundary of SA 18 along Highway 97 is the small community of Hixon. It is located 60 km north of Quesnel. Hixon has a rich heritage in placer gold mining and activities related to forestry.

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Service Area 18 would like to take a quick moment to congratulate William (Bill) Pattyson on his retirement. Bill’s last day with us will be June  28/2019.  Thank you for all of your years of service and know that you will be greatly missed!