Subcontractors are contractors to whom we subcontract a portion of our maintenance contract, such as, rest area maintenance or dust control. The subcontractor provides the labour, as well as, the equipment and materials necessary to complete the work. The subcontractor must perform to the Maintenance Standards and have approval for quantities and quality of work prior to being reimbursed for the services they have provided.

Hired Equipment is the provision of equipment plus operator for an hourly rate on a short-term basis.

All subcontractors or hired equipment suppliers are to be registered and in good standing with all provincial regulatory bodies.

A Certificate of Insurance must be completed by your Insurance Broker for subcontracted works.

A copy of your registration and insurance for any units that are registered for Hired Equipment must be submitted with your equipment registration form.

If you are interested in supplying services and equipment to our company please complete the forms in this section and forward to our attention.

All Forms on this page require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system.

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Subcontractor Orientation
Subcontractors Equipment for Hire
Standard Equipment Rental Agreement
Certificate of Insurance

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