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DESCRIPTION: According to Plan 17131, deposited in the Kamloops Land Title Office on May 4, 1967, Lot 1 contains 7.16 acres, and according to the Crown Grant, District Lot 530 contains 502.00 acres. Phase 1 indicates the development of 33 (one-acre minimum) waterfront lots and 32 one-acre lakeview lots. Phase 2 will consist of a commercial site proposed at 12.82 acres and a multi-family site of 24.70 acres and one-acre minimum lakeview and waterfront lots. It is proposed that the commercial site be sold to an interested party who has the capability to develop a marina c/w restaurant ,retail facility, pub, meeting rooms, general store and marine rental. The Phase 2 development of the 24.70 acre multi-family site will create a 51-unit multi-level campus style condominium facility that will be designed to blend in with the natural sloping terrain currently present on the property. Phase 3 will be developed into an additional 25 one-acre waterfront lots, 25 one-acre lakeview lots and 10 ten-acre upland lots. A condition associated with the proposed development of this property calls for a 25-acre parcel to be dedicated for the expansion of the Monck Park Provincial campsite; therefore, reducing the total development area of the subject property to 477 acres.

The services that are to be made available to the subject property as part of the proposed development are as follows:

- power and telephone
- community water system to be supplied from two onsite wells
- community sewage treatment and spray irrigation system
- paved roads with gravel shoulders and ditching

There may be community propane, a community cable or rebroadcast television system. A preliminary cost estimate for the development of these services has been done and is available for review upon request.

The subject development is to be accessed by Monck Park Road along the northwest side of Nicola Lake via the Nicola Ranch at Highway No.5A. A new branch road is to be constructed approximately from the present location of the main Monck Park entrance gate. This will be a paved road to required standards or better with gravel shoulders and ditches. An agreement has been reached with the Province for access through Monck Park to the subject development. As part of this agreement a portion of the existing road is to be upgraded to accommodate the increased vehicular traffic.


The subject property has two primary topographic categories. The land that fronts the lake is predominantly gentle to moderately sloping and undulating terrain interspersed with natural drainage channels or ravines and rocky knolls. Ground cover in this area is natural grasses and bushes with moderately heavy evergreen forest. The upland area is predominantly moderate to steeply sloping terrain and is also interspersed with natural ravines and drainage channels. The latter area is more heavily treed, predominantly with pine. Level benches are scattered around the site and will be incorporated into the design plan to maximize the overall development potential of the property. At the north end of the site is a sandy beach known as “Second Beach”. This is the best quality lakefront on the property. A small acreage incorporating the beach is likely to be left undeveloped and provided for use as a nature trust or other equivalent use; maintaining public access to the beach.

The sloping and elevated nature of the site does mean that virtually all of the lots will enjoy good views of Nicola Lake and the surrounding area. The elevation changes and the topographic features will tend to provide natural privacy screens between the lots.

Proposed Development:

The proposed development provides a mixed residential/commercial theme and in accordance with the current conceptual plan the various components are as follows:

- Lakefront building lots 58 acres
- Lakeview building lots 57 acres
- Upland building lots 250 acres
- Commercial site 12.82 acres
- Multi-family site 24.70 acres
- Estimated road allowance 10 acres
- Undeveloped remainder (before Park dedication) 89.48 acres
Total 502 acres
- Less park dedication 25 acres
Total developable area 477 acres

Residential Building Lots: Phase 1

The residential development is proposed to comprise 65 one-acre single family lots. Of these, 33 will be lakefront with 32 being lakeview lots. The configuration of these lots will be ribbon layout on either side of a paved road through the lower half of the site. Based on the current conceptual plan the lakefront lots are to be one acre in size, each with 130 feet of frontage.

Commercial Site: Phase 2

The C-4, Recreational Commercial site will be located in the approximate middle of the overall development and adjacent to the lake. Uses in this area have not been finalized, but the plan envisions a small marina, specialized retail shops, a convenience store and possibly a neighbourhood pub/restaurant. This site is 12.82 acres in size and it would be proposed that this parcel be sold separately to a group that will develop the site in accordance with the intended overall conceptual plan.

Multi-Family Site: Phase 2

There is a proposed multi-family site with a mix of strata condominiums that may form part of a rental pool. This site will accommodate up to 51 units with a 50/50 split between lakefront and lakeview property and is to be 24.70 acres in size.

Undeveloped Remainder: Phase 3

This portion of the subject property is proposed to consist of 50 additional lakefront and lakeview lots, an acreage at Second Beach to be left as a nature conservancy or equivalent use, and an additional 10 ten-acre upland building lots. Roads, water, sewer and utilities constructed, as part of Phases 1 and 2 will be designed to accommodate their expansion into Phase 3.

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LOCATION: The subject property is situated about mid-lake on the northwest shore of Nicola Lake about 12 kilometers from Highway 5 at Nicola Ranch, and is immediately adjacent to Monck Park Provincial Campsite.

The neighborhood of the subject property is best described as that area northeast of the City of Merritt, bordered by the Coquihalla Highway to the west, the Douglas Plateau to the east and Brigade Hill to the north. This area includes the valley bottomlands, upper hillsides, benchland and numerous lakes including Nicola Lake, Douglas Lake, Stump Lake, Glimpse Lake, Peter Hope Lake, Napier Lake and Trapp Lake. Many of these have significant recreational importance.

The predominant land use in the neighbourhood is cattle ranching with some rural residential and recreational use primarily in the valley bottom along Highway 5A. Development on Nicola Lake is limited to three main areas. The first is along the northeast shore, which is Indian Reserve, and has residential and high-density recreational development on the lakeshore. This area is serviced with power and telephone and is accessed by paved road. The second is along the northwest shore where there are approximately twenty non-serviced recreational lakefront sites. A non-status gravel road through Crown and private land accesses these sites. The third area is along the north shore at the West End of Nicola Lake and comprises a 30 to 40-lot subdivision on the lakeshore. This subdivision is serviced with power and telephone and is accessed by paved road. There are both permanent and seasonal dwellings on these properties.

1. Map A - Southern Interior
2. Map B - Nicola Lake
3. Map C - Lot Layout
4. Map D - Lots for Sale

AREA DATA: The Princeton – Merritt area provides a drier climate and can boast many more sunny days per year than the Lower Mainland. It is an area of rolling hills and lakes, perfect for fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. The property is located near world famous Douglas Lake Ranch and Quilchena Cattle Company. The area is ideal for cattle ranching and is getting quite a reputation as a retreat for weekend cowboys mostly from the Lower Mainland, due to the miles and miles of open area to ride. The area is also a winter playground as well, with snowmobilers taking full advantage of the wide-open spaces. Nearby Kane Valley has an extensive network of cross-country ski trails maintained by the local forest service. The great outdoors just three hours from Vancouver.

HISTORY: The subject property formed part of the Nicola Ranch that was formerly owned by the Parker family and has been historically used for agriculture. At one time, the property was used as an Anglican Church camp and there are a number of native archaeological sites on the property. The present owners purchased the subject property from the Parker family trust in 1994.

ZONING: According to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, the subject property has a variety of zoning in place. These zonings are as follows:

- LR-1, Lakeshore Residential Single Family
- LR-2, Lakeshore Residential Multi-Family
- C-4, Recreational Commercial
- RL-1, Rural

A copy of the bylaw to amend the zoning and the pertinent zoning regulations is available for review upon request.

The subject property is not located within the revised boundaries of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

LEGAL: Lot 1, Plan 17131, DL 530, LD 25, Kamloops Division of Yale DL 530, LD 25, Kamloops Division of Yale ( See attached plot map )

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